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Aan: The CvB of the HKU

HKU has to disclose and divest all ties to institutes/brands that violate human rights

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This petition is made specifically for students/alumni/teachers/staff of the HKU to sign. 

The HKU has ties to multiple institutions and companies that violate human rights, In particular those currently facilitating the atrocities in Gaza. The ICJ has ruled that Israel must do everything within its power to prevent genocide, since they clearly do not intent to act upon this ruling, the HKU must act. See this document for more information:

The HKU said they would disclose and maybe divest ties to Bezalel Academy of the Arts and Design by Friday, May 24th, but have not stated a deadline by which they will research ties to other institutions/companies that violate human rights.

What we ask:
-The HKU must disclose all ties, whether direct or indirect, to institutions/companies that violate human rights, and divest these entities.

-The HKU must create an ethical framework for dealings with any external organization. All relationships with external organizations should be transparent and the details thereof easily accessible, so that everyone can be sure the university is only conducting business with institutions/companies which meet the ethical standard.

-The CvB (College van Bestuur) must issue a statement that they will cut all ties with Bezalel by Friday, May 24th.

-The ICJ has ruled that Israel must stop human rights violations, prevent genocide, and ensure access to humanitarian aid. This ruling has direct implications for our institution. This should be clearly addressed publicly, otherwise we all end up being unwillingly silently complicit in the ongoing atrocities.

-Research should be done without any conflict of interest. See the document.

-The HKU should encourage discussions and events regarding political situations (including the current situation in Gaza) and not impair student's freedom of speech by asking them not to speak about Palestine. 

Waarom is het belangrijk?

Because of the ties the HKU has to Israeli institutions/companies, they are complicit in the atrocities happening to the Palestinians, and risk being complicit in a genocide if we do nothing to stop it. We ask the HKU to end their involvement and lay a foundation to prevent future complicity in human rights violations.
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