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Aan: Toothpaste producer and wholesaler

Stop microplastic in toothpaste

I would like the toothpaste companies to remove microplastic from their toothpaste product!
The list of brands in The Netherlands that still use microplastic in their toothpaste:
Beverly hills formula
Oral B

Full list of microplastic products in The Netherlands:
The list of product contain microplastic around the world:

In addition to that is the reduction/replacement of plastic packaging in toothpaste tube.

Waarom is het belangrijk?

It is important because microplastic is one of the biggest problem in ocean pollution. It is the leading cause of marine ingestion for small species which might disturb the whole food chain.

Currently, it is very difficult to perform an extensive study on the effect of Microplastic in human, but one thing for sure we are currently already ingesting and inhaling the plastic from the environment.

Everyday, people brush their teeth twice a day. And everyday, all of this microplastic from their toothpaste just get disposed in the sink.
We as the consumer demand for a sustainable and more environmental friendly product.


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